Holiday hacks for a Dogtastic summer!

Wanting some inspiration for UK outdoor adventures with your furry friend for your next holiday? Try these tips and links to make the most of your caravanning or camping canine adventures! In celebration of a new furry addition to our extended family, (my brother’s family have bought a cute Cavapoo puppy this month), and asContinue reading “Holiday hacks for a Dogtastic summer!”

Happy New Year, Happy New Holidays!

Fancy pushing your boundaries a little with a different type of holiday to look forward to this summer? Would you like to try a different experience, or go even further to become an adrenaline pumped adventurer? After our long lockdown winter, hopefully vaccines will have kicked in and we can look ahead to lighter daysContinue reading “Happy New Year, Happy New Holidays!”

Cool camping or just cold camping? October in the great outdoors

The weather has definitely taken a turn this week. I can usually tell when Autumn arrives. Doggy muddy paw prints appear on the carpet and I’m sure we’d only been on pavements… But the colder temperatures bring with them a sense of excitement. I can start to unpack my boots, scarves and various fluffy accessoriesContinue reading “Cool camping or just cold camping? October in the great outdoors”

Castles, Combes or Coast? Discover the lesser known Lake District..

“The fleeting hour of life of those who love the hills is quickly spent, but the hills are eternal….These are for the seeking, and those who seek and find while there is still time will be blessed both in mind and body.” Alfred Wainwright The Lake District has long been known as a popular destinationContinue reading “Castles, Combes or Coast? Discover the lesser known Lake District..”