How to be an “Appy” camper

Could these 8 apps make your holiday even more carefree and enjoyable?

Let’s be honest, when planning your next touring or camping trip, you’re probably thinking of relaxing, enjoying the beauty of your surroundings and catching a bit of sun. It’s time to switch off that laptop and just use your phone for those all-important holiday snaps. This is what holidays are all about. However, before you do, you may want to check out these cool apps for android or iPhone users which could help you enjoy your holiday that little bit more. By using them, you’ll also cut down on your packing, leaving more space in your luggage or camper for that all important sun cream!

Fun in the sun!

The Sun Locator Lite app is a great little app to help you work out the sun’s position from your pitch. Great for sites where you have a choice about how to pitch up and to catch that perfect sunset over a glass of wine. Or for stargazers, how about trying Sky Map? This brilliant app allows you to point your phone anywhere at the sky and tell you which star or constellation you are looking at. You can then wow fellow campfire chums with your astronomical knowhow!

The birds and the bees

The World Wildlife Fund has a fantastic Seek app which you can download. It helps you to identify different species on your holiday outings like plants, flowers, insects, birds and animals. When you identify a species, you’ll be able to find out all about it, as well as seeing how common or rare it is for the area and the time of year. Great for keeping families entertained on walks or trips. Alternatively, have a look at the Wildlife Trusts’ Nature Finder app which is full of fabulous places to visit near your campsite, as well as events and the kind of wildlife which live in each location. You’ll also have access to over 900 UK species and habitats. What’s more, it gives you all you need to plan your trip to each location. Find out more by watching this video. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you can access the Nature Finder app here.

Level up!

It’s true that levelling your caravan or motorhome can be a pain after a long journey to your destination but it’s always worth getting it right, instead of cursing the shower floor which doesn’t drain properly once you are set up! Help is at hand with a quick, easy to use basic spirit level. You can go for a traditional bubble style level like the Bubble Level, or a more singing and dancing levelling app which gives voice instructions instead. You’ll be set up and ready to start your holiday in no time!

Location, location, location!

It’s likely, you’ll be wanting to fill up on your journey to and from your destination, as well as once or twice whilst you’re there. The problem is, if you don’t know the area, you might end up paying more at the most expensive petrol station in the region. How can you stop this? Look no further than the Petrol Prices app. It can be downloaded for android phone users as well as for iPhones . A really easy to use app, you simply type in the area or town you want to look at and it will produce a list or map of the current petrol and diesel prices in this area as well as which petrol station to get your fuel from.

Walkers of all shapes and sizes might also want to check out new walks in the area by using ViewRanger. As well as being able to download route guides, outdoor maps and powerful GPS navigation features, you can also share walking routes with other people. This is fantastic if you like to compare walks with your friends or want to arrange walks together.

Of course, whatever your camping or holiday style, I hope you have a brilliant holiday! For the latest travel advice during Coronavirus restrictions or for more holiday planning, don’t forget to look at the “Resources” section of my website to help you plan your next one. Happy camping everyone!

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Published by Rachel Ellis-Lomas

As a keen caravanner and lover of the great outdoors, I have spent many hours planning and experiencing different destinations in the UK and Europe along with my husband and my four pawed fluffball, Cherry. I love discovering new places and particularly, areas less touched by mass tourism. Coming from an education background, I have also written articles and produced content for organisations in the leisure and education sector. I am passionate about writing and the great outdoors, so what better than to be able to blog about it? Like what you've read? Then get in touch about writing content, copy or proofreading services.

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