A weekend of wild wonders… 3 ways to enjoy the great outdoors this weekend

Join the “Big Wild Walk”

Discover your local nature reserve, enjoy the fresh air, make memories and raise money as part of the Wildlife Trusts’ campaign to protect our countryside. You could even complete their “hedgehog” or “migration” challenges! There are lots of ideas on the their website to help you get moving and enjoy the outdoors. Just click on this link.

Up, up and away!

World Space Week starts on the 4th October. Why not get out after sunset and look up to the skies to view the myriad of stars and satellites above you? Gaze in wonder at the natural and human made marvels overhead. For tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your star gazing experience visit the World Space Week website.

Watch a virtual marathon and get inspired

Love running but not quite ready to do a full marathon? Then consider sponsoring a lady who is running the Virtual London Marathon this Sunday, and raising money for the Dogs Trust at the same time. Annie Rawlinson completed a marathon during lockdown in her own back garden. This weekend she will join thousands of runners, joggers and walkers across the world to take part in this event. Many charities have lost money this year, as the traditional methods of fundraising such as indoor activities have been restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information on her story visit the Dogs Trust website here.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

For more ideas on places to visit this weekend, don’t forget to go to the Resources section of my website.


Published by Rachel Ellis-Lomas

As a keen caravanner and lover of the great outdoors, I have spent many hours planning and experiencing different destinations in the UK and Europe along with my husband and my four pawed fluffball, Cherry. I love discovering new places and particularly, areas less touched by mass tourism. Coming from an education background, I have also written articles and produced content for organisations in the leisure and education sector. I am passionate about writing and the great outdoors, so what better than to be able to blog about it? Like what you've read? Then get in touch about writing content, copy or proofreading services.

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